Standing on the Sidelines

  The Board of Deputies of British Jews is a traditional animal. It is a creature of great longevity and the respectable backbone of Anglo-Jewry. It defends Jewish interests and is regarded by the outside world as the legitimate voice of the Jewish community. Despite its hard work and manifest good intentions, there is still … Read more

Where Public Relations has replaced Ethics

Despite Eric Moonman’s optimism, there appears little, if any, sign of increased intellectual involvement in the Zionist movement. A conference of academics in support of Israel cannot be cited as involvement. All too often, public relations exercises have been presented as genuine debate. It would seem that with the exception of youth groups and students, … Read more

New approach to Soviet Jewry work needed

The call for the establishment of a national Conference on Soviet Jewry would be a welcome development in    co-ordinating future activities and would satisfy many of the complaints now being made. Until a few months ago, there were four definable groups within the campaign. The “old guard” centred very much on the Board’s Soviet Jewry … Read more