A Sense of Belonging

Proud, but invisible A SENSE OF BELONGING: DILEMMAS OF BRITISH JEWISH IDENTITY Howard Cooper and Paul Morrison Weidenfeld & Nicolson, £16 Colin Shindler British Jews have that sense of oneness, often admired and sometimes resented, which appears as an impregnable fortress of indefinable purpose. The authors of this book of a new Channel 4 series … Read more

New Moon’s Guiding Light

A new Jewish listings monthly, New Moon, appears on Thursday. A sort of Jewish Time Out, it sets out to appeal to the younger generation of Anglo-Jews whose needs and interests have remained unanswered by the official face of the community. Whether this initiative will be translated into financial stability is another question. The Jewish … Read more

Jewish Attitudes towards Thatcherism

MARGARET THATCHER’S current difficulties seem to herald the end of an era: three foreign secretaries within as many months; the exit of an experienced team from the uppermost echelons of government to the back benches and less important posts; the trouncing of the Tories in the European elections — the first defeat since she entered … Read more

Loyal Dissent is Beginning to Bite

AS ANGLO-JEWISH personalities fly out from London to attend the “Prime Minister’s Conference on Jewish Solidarity with Israel”, a group of prominent Jewish writers, academics. intellectuals and communal leaders has issued a statement which casts doubt on the value of their visit. Asking “which Jews today do not express solidarity with Israel?” they commented that ‘it seems increasingly likely that this is a … Read more

Ghosts at the Feast for Israel’s Birthday Celebration

AT A TIME when British Jews are commemorating the considerable achievements of Israel’s first forty years, some are haunted by the frozen frames of warring children and burning barricades in the Gaza slums. There is the uneasy knowledge that the most advanced military force in the Middle East is using clubs. Truly, the age of … Read more

New israel Fund

Raising funds for Israel has always occupied a prominent if segregated role in Diaspora communities. In the United States, some $400 million dollars is allocated each year to the Jewish Agency-World Zionist Organization by the United Jewish Appeal (UJA). In recent years, there has been a slow but discernible change in aims and objectives contrasting … Read more