A History of Modern Israel First Edition (2008)

Published by Cambridge University Press – 2008 The state of Israel came into existence in 1948. Colin Shindler’s book traces Israel’s history across sixty years, from its optimistic beginnings – immigration, settlement, the creation of its towns and institutions – through the wars with its Arab neighbours, and the confrontation with the Palestinians. Shindler paints a … Read more

What Do Zionists Believe? (2007)

Published by Granta Books – 2007 Zionism was a movement of national liberation. It sought to establish a permanent home for the Jewish people where they could attain political independence and instigate a national renaissance. Some Zionists were inspired by a vision of religious redemption and the onset of the messianic age. For others it represented … Read more

The Land beyond Promise: Israel, Likud and the Zionist Dream

A critical appraisal of the right-wing Likud government’s rule in Israel from 1977-1992. The different ideological origins of both Begin and Shamir are examined, as well as how far they were influenced by pre-war nationalist models in Pilsudski’s Poland and Mussolini’s Italy. Exploring Begin’s involvement with revisionist Zionism since 1931 and his lifelong struggle to … Read more