Diaspora Opposition to Apartheid

DESPITE the erroneous impression that American Jews were part and parcel of the neoconservative camp, last year’s US presidential elections showed that they remain liberals at heart. Two thirds of US Jewry voted for Mondale, with almost 75 per cent of New York City’s Jews rejecting President Reagan. Another instance of the liberal conscience is … Read more

Louis Rabinowitz

JEWISH opposition to apartheid is not necessarily related to political or religious affiliation. This was well-proven by an Orthodox rabbi and supporter of Herut who died last year: Louis Isaac Rabinowitz. A leading figure in the Orthodox rabbinate and considered by many as Chief Rabbi material, Rabinowitz served from 1944-1961 as Chief Minister of the … Read more

The History of Anti-Semitism

The History of Anti-Semitism Volume 4, Suicidal Europe 1870-1933 by Leon Poliakov, pub. 0P/Littman Library of Jewish Civilisation, 1985 Price £20.00, 422p The recent refusal of the French Minister of Defence to permit the erection of a statue of Captain Alfred Dreyfus at the site of his disgrace and humiliation gave rise to the rumours … Read more

Soviet Psychiatric Abuse: The Shadow Over World Psychiatry

Soviet Psychiatric Abuse: The Shadow Over World Psychiatry. By Sidney Bloch and Peter Reddaway. Gollancz £10.95. “Anti-Soviet convictions simply cannot exist. Anti-Soviet statements or opinions are the result, either of mental disturbance or of cynicism or of ignorance.” Not the trite jibe of a seasoned apparatchik, but the considered professional opinion of Dr Stanislav Korolev … Read more

Soap Opera Soviets

  Review of Karpov’s Brain by  Gerald Green (Bantam 1984) 523pp. Gerald Green is perhaps best known as the author of the television drama Holocaust. This was viewed by 500 million people world-wide and certainly no one can dispute the educational value of such an exercise. Yet for many who viewed Holocaust from another level, its over-simplification … Read more

Getting into Bed with Khomeini

    The Military-Industrial Complex in Israel: by Dr Yoram Peri and Amnon Neubach, International Centre for Peace in the Middle East. Israeli Society and its Defence Establishment: The Social and Political Impact of a Protracted Violent Conflict. Ed. Moshe Lissak-Frank Cass. £18. SIPR I Yearbook 1984: World Armaments and Disarmament, Taylor and Francis. “What … Read more