Vance leaves empty-handed

  US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance flew out of Moscow last week leaving the issue of human rights in a stalemated limbo and perhaps paving the way for a renewed repression of the Jewish activists. Vance and Soviet party-leader Leonid Brezhnev agreed to disagree on this issue as well as on arms limitation. If, … Read more

Passover in the USSR 1977

SOVIET Jews are preparing for the Festival of Passover in a state of fear and depression unequalled since the height of the Stalinist era. Despite the release of Dr Mikhail Shtern half way through his eight-year prison sentence and the news over the weekend that he has been granted an exit visa for Israel, the … Read more


VORKUTA, by Edward Baca. 352 pages (Constable). 15.95. In 1945, Edward Buca was a 19-year-old member of the Polish Home Army. Poland at the end of the war was no place for an ardent nationalist. The victorious Red Army was in no mood to tolerate an independently-minded man and Buca soon found himself in a … Read more

Dramatic Rise in Refusals

Duringthe past month, three Soviet Jews have been accused of criminal offences. Amner Zuvurov was sentenced to three years Zuvurov in Uzbekistan on parasitism and hooliganism charges and the failure to possess an internal passport. In Vilnius, physicist Naum Salansky is in his eighth week of investigation, accused of “slandering the Soviet Union for its … Read more

KGB steps up intimidation

President-elect Jimmy Carter’s position on human rights in the USSR is being deliberately examined by a relentless KGB offensive. Beginning with an unexpected willingness to release Vladimir Bukovsky, the KGB has stepped up its campaign to intimidate Soviet Jews and human rights activists. Two weeks ago, Amnir Zavurov was arrested in Uzbekistan for violating passport … Read more