Tyranny does not like publicity

A concerted KGB campaign to muzzle the voice of Soviet Jews is increasing in momentum. Over the past couple of weeks, dozens of telephone lines, belonging to Jewish activists, have been disconnected. Last Friday, Moscow journalist, Yevgeny Baras, was warned by the KGB that if his telephone was used for international calls, measures would be … Read more

Refuseniks in Novosibirsk

At the beginning of April, Yuri and Anna Berkovsky were arrested in the Siberian town of Novosibirsk. Since then no word has been heard from them. A few hours after their arrest, the police handed their five year old daughter to her grandmother. the charge against the Berkovskys appears to be one of speculation. they … Read more

Purim in the USSR 1974

The festival of Purim was celebrated by many Soviet Jews last week. For them the figure of Haman had a more modern connotation. As Ovsei Gelman from Tbilisi, Georgia, put it in a message to a friend in London: On the eve of Purim, which symbolises the vain efforts of all enemies of the Jewish … Read more

The Hunger Strike of Azbel, Rubin and Galatsky

LAST week saw two very similar human rights protests in the USSR, but with completely opposite aims. Well-known dissidents such as Andrei Sakharov and Vladimir Maximov stated that Solzhenitsyn should not have been expelled from the Soviet Union and insisted on his right to remain. Simultaneously. Jewish members of the Moscow intelligentsia began an indefinite … Read more

The Story of Yankel Khansis

Among the many tragic stories of Soviet Jewish prisoners, the case of Yankel Leibovich Khansis is one of the saddest. he was first sentenced in August 1970 to two and a half years imprisonment on a hooliganism charge. in March 1972 he was arrested again and at the trial held some nine months later, was … Read more